Technoresins Industrial, Inc. was established in the Philippines during 1992. Our company specializes in manufacturing products essentially used in the construction industry. Having sufficient experience in Modern Building Technology, under the combined supervision of German and Japanese expertise, we at Technoresins Industrial, Inc. are dedicated to offer high quality products that are made to last. MORTABOND specializes in the production of High Quality Modified Dry Mix Mortars using Advanced German Technology Formulation at a reasonable price. We are committed to help our customers find new and economical ways to help save labor, time and money in the construction industry.


  • To improve the quality of every concrete structures in the world
  • To develop innovative techniques that will help improve the construction industry
  • To be recognized as the most reliable cementitious product supplier and manufacturer; committed to bring revolutionary changes in the construction industry through high quality products with the support of the latest technologies


 Technoresins Industrial, Inc. have been in the field of construction materials for over 20 years and have gained sufficient experience in the business. Our company specializes in manufacturing products fundamental in the construction industry. From this, we have combined German and Japanese technology to produce cutting edge construction machinery.  Technoresins Industrial, Inc. carries the brand “BEAVER” Concrete Equipment. With the help of these equipment, projects can be completed at the shortest possible time and still meet quality standard.  BEAVER Concrete Equipment helps save Time, Labor and Money by means of economical but state of the art machineries in the field of construction.


  • We aim to continuously improve product and service offerings through the use of progressive technology while providing a superior customer service at the same time
  • To be the #1 trusted equipment provider around the world, advancing the road towards safety, precision and convenience